Hamishpat is an academic law review published by The College of Management's Haim Stricks School of Law. The first issue was published on February 1992 shortly after the Law School was established, and has since been published twice annually.

The law review publishes academic articles by leading Israeli researchers in every field of law. Its articles are accepted for publication after an anonymous review procedure and a thorough editing process, as is customary in scientific journals worldwide.

The law review editor is a faculty member at the Haim Stricks School of Law. The associate editors and editorial staff are leading students from the law school, and they edit the articles and prepare them for print.

Between 1992 and 2010, "Hamishpat" appeared in two formats: in numbered issues (27 issues total) that were annexed twice a year to the Ha’aretz newspaper, and in an annual volume numbered with Hebrew letters. Generally, each volume included comprehensive and updated versions of the articles in the two issues published that year, as well as other articles not previously published.

The purpose of the double publication was to make available to the general public (by annexing the issues to a daily newspaper) concise, reader-friendly versions of interesting and current academic research, which is usually inaccessible to the non-juristic public. The repeated publication of fuller versions in the volume provided researchers a more professionalized forum and allowed them to update their articles following the initial publication.

Therefore, until 2010, most of the articles published in Hamishpat appeared in two versions – the briefer one published in the issue and the more professionalized and detailed version in the volume. The two versions often differ significantly, and therefore it is recommended to review both of them in deciding which to quote.

Currently, the law review is published in one format, twice a year, with two issues in each volume, according to the standard publication system of Israeli and international law reviews. The first Hamishpat published in this format is volume 16 issue 1.

Dr. Limor Zer-Gutman currently serves as Editor.

Previous editors were: Dr. Rhanan Har-Zahav (volumes 1-5); Prof. Yuval Shani (volumes 6-8); Prof. Haim Sandberg (volume 9); Prof. Yoram Rabin (issue 20); Dr. Orit Fischman Afori (Volume 10); Dr. Nili Karako-Eyal (volumes 11-13); Dr. Zvi Triger  (volumes 15-16);Dr. Yossi Nechushtan (17-18)

ISSN 0792-8068 (Print)

ISSN 1565-2556 (Online)


ISSN: 1565 - 2556

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